www.meltcosmetics.com  lipstick in ‘six6six’
@Illamasqua’s #imtheone collection launches tomorrow online & in store. Available to buy as a set or separately. I’m so besotted with these perfect valentine reds! ❤️💋💌💄#illamasqua
Weird right? ☔️ Products used:
@limecrimemakeup ‘Lotus Noir’ black eyeshadow • @bscbosskathy Alabaster corrector as a base & the ever so pretty ‘100% Bitch’ pigment • @illamasqua Powder eyeshadows in ‘Livid’, ‘Savage’, & ‘Anja’ • @sugarpill Pressed eyeshadows in ‘Poison Plum’ & ‘Mochi’ • The eyeliner I use is ‘Jet’ from @coastalscents • Glitter is @litcosmetics ‘Nightlife’ which you can purchase from @peachesmakeup 💜🌀☺️
I finally figured it out❗️My eyeball looks like I just sliced into a blue citrus fruit with mouldy brown bits 😹
You’re not alone ✮ #beauty #smile #walk #clearyourmind #madslanger #star #england #freezing
I visited my nanna today & she surprised me with a velvet pouch of these beautiful crystals ✨🔮♥️ #crystalcure #spiritualism #innerpeace #happiness #gift #love #present #crystals #amethyst #quartz #carnelian
Anonymous: Random Question: What are your favorite Skyrim mods?!

I’m not hugely into skyrim modding just yet, I’m still new at it but I really love the flower/plant texture packs along with the female dragonborn replacement armours.

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Anonymous: You know you've broken the NDA you agreed when you signed onto the beta. Screenshots have been submitted and reported.

FYI… I didn’t post any screenshots of ESO on my Tumblr. Can you not tell Skyrim from ESO? Lol. 

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An updated eye shot… y’know, incase my eye colour miraculously changes overnight 😹💙🔸#iris #macro #eatyogreens #vegan #health #vitamins #galaxy
Had to rush today’s makeup; here was the outcome 💫 @urbandecaycosmetics #vice2 • @anastasiabeverlyhills DipBrow Pomade in Ebony • @illamasqua Brow Cake in Stark • 🌟
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Another guilt free chocolate creation. 
This cupcake doesn’t come with an array of amazing health benefits, but most importantly it isn’t unhealthy or health damaging in the slightest. Free from Gluten, Refined sugars, Dairy & Egg. Would you say no?
@littlemissnorthwest just totally gave me the biggest eyegasm! 💙😲 #speechless